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Unreal Engine Transforms Creative Philosophy in Sports Graphics: Insights from Industry Leaders

The 3D computer graphics game engine, Unreal Engine, has revolutionized the live graphics industry and is reshaping the boundaries of imagination. This was discussed in a special roundtable discussion that included industry professionals such as Komal Bhukhanwala, Senior Art Director at CBS Sports, Arturo Brena, Founder and CEO of KéexFrame, and Barton Damer, Founding Artist, Creative Director, and Owner of Already Been Chewed. The moderator for the discussion was JP LoMonaco, Vice President of On-Air Graphics & Design at CBS Sports.

The presentation took place at the 2024 SVG Sports Graphics Forum in New York City on February 21. SVG PLAY is the go-to platform for all Sports Video Group live event and long-form video content. As an SVG member and sponsor, you can easily access all SVG event panels, case studies, keynotes, and more in one place. Visit SVG PLAY to watch the discussion and gain valuable insights from industry leaders on the impact of Unreal Engine on creative philosophy in sports graphics.

Unreal Engine has opened up new possibilities for sports-graphics designers by changing their creative philosophy. The game engine has forced them to rethink their approach to creating graphics for sports broadcasts. In this roundtable discussion, industry leaders discussed how Unreal Engine is reshaping the boundaries of imagination and influencing the core of creative thought for professionals in the sports graphics industry.

Komal Bhukhanwala spoke about how Unreal Engine has allowed her team at CBS Sports to push beyond traditional limits when creating graphics for sports broadcasts. Arturo Brena talked about how KéexFrame uses Unreal Engine to create immersive experiences that engage viewers on a deeper level.

Barton Damer shared his experience with using Unreal Engine to create animated sequences that bring sports highlights to life. He also discussed how he uses it to create realistic environments for virtual productions.

JP LoMonaco moderated the discussion and asked each speaker about their experience working with Unreal Engine. He also asked about some of the challenges they have faced when using it.

Overall, this roundtable discussion provided valuable insights into how Unreal Engine is shaping the future of live graphics in sports broadcasting. It showed how this powerful tool is allowing designers to push beyond traditional limits and create truly unique experiences that engage viewers like never before.

If you want to learn more about Unreal Engine’s impact on creative philosophy in sports graphics or any other topic related to live events or video production, visit SVG PLAY today!

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