1,600 customers fall victim to payback fraudsters in account hacking scandal

Unraveling a payback scam in Germany: three suspects charged with commercial computer fraud, while unrelated articles on diverse topics cater to different interests

In southern Germany, a massive payback scam has been exposed, with three men and two women from Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg facing charges of commercial computer fraud. The main suspects are a married couple and their 27-year-old son, who are accused of cheating using payback points to steal almost 90,000 euros. They allegedly hacked Payback accounts on the Darknet and used voucher cards in stores to cash out the points to bank accounts they had set up for this purpose.

The total amount of the alleged fraud committed between July 2020 and January 2021 was around 78,400 euros, with over 1,600 victims. The 27-year-old son is also accused of obtaining more than 12,000 euros in over 100 other cases. His 28-year-old stepsister and her husband from Bavaria are charged with aiding and abetting by providing bank accounts for the fraud. The 27-year-old son has been remanded in custody due to his criminal record, while the other defendants remain silent about the allegations.

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