AI study predicts an 80 billion boost for Made in Italy by 2030

Unlocking Italy’s Potential: AI and the Generative Power of Made in Italy

The potential for Artificial Intelligence to boost the productivity of Italian companies is enormous. A report by Accenture titled “Strategies for Enhancing the Italian Brand and System” presented at the XX Forum of the Leonardo Committee reveals that Generative AI could be a significant growth factor for Made in Italy companies.

The study suggests that implementing Generative AI in Made in Italy could result in an additional 50 billion euros, with 15 billion coming from traditional sectors and 35 billion benefiting other sectors. However, appropriate policies are necessary to strengthen the required skills. Additionally, extending and enhancing the “Made in Italy brand” through systemic policies could generate approximately 30 billion euros, with 20 billion from new sectors.

Sergio Dompe’, President of the Leonardo Committee, emphasized that rapid technological advancements present both challenges and opportunities for Italian companies. By embracing AI and other technologies, companies can enhance their competitiveness and position themselves for sustained growth in the evolving global marketplace.

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