Intel plummets 7% on mixed day for Wall Street

United States Employment Rebounds and Analysts Ponder Interest Rate Cuts: A Global Economic Outlook

In the US, employment data in the private sector showed about 185 thousand jobs added, compared to 155 thousand in February, with workers’ wages increasing by 5.1% annually. The president of the Atlanta Fed, Rafael Bostic, stated in an interview that interest rate cuts in the US should begin later this year due to the strong growth of the American economy, recovery in supply chains, and a strong labor market.

On Wall Street, there were slight declines on opening day. The Nasdaq down 0.4%, the S&P 500 down 0.1%, and the Dow Jones trading around base levels. Intel reported an operational loss in its production division, impacting its stock price. The largest high-tech employer in Israel faces challenges in the chip manufacturing market.

In Europe, inflation decreased in March, which may lead to the European Central Bank considering lowering interest rates later in the year. Tesla saw a decline in new car deliveries in the first quarter, signaling potential challenges despite lowering prices. Oil and gold prices rose to six-month highs, with tensions in the Middle East and Ukraine contributing to the increase.

Analysts have differing opinions on the timing of interest rate cuts in

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