Sports Ministry appoints new team coach, leaving Cameroon FA surprised

Unilateral Appointment of Marc Brys as Cameroon’s National Football Team Coach Raises Concerns about FIFA Interference

The Cameroonian Football Federation expressed surprise upon hearing that the sports ministry had appointed Marc Brys as the new coach of the national team. In a statement, the federation stated that they were not informed beforehand about the appointment and that it was described as unilateral and contrary to official regulations regarding the appointments within the national team structure.

The federation referenced Decree No. 2014/384 from September 26, 2014, which outlines the rules for organizing and operating national football teams. The hiring of Brys without their knowledge goes against these regulations, prompting further investigation into the matter by the federation.

FIFA prohibits government involvement in football at a national level, and the situation involving Brys’ appointment raises concerns over potential interference. The federation is working to clarify the situation and address this unfortunate turn of events. Under Song’s leadership, the Indomitable Lions reached the round of 16 at the Africa Cup of Nations, which adds to this concern as many are questioning what led to such a drastic change in coaching staff so close to a major tournament.

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