MAC Unveils 2024 Schedule for Women’s Volleyball League

Unifying the Mid-American Conference: Major Changes to Women’s Volleyball Regular Season Format

The Mid-American Conference has announced changes to the women’s volleyball regular season format for the upcoming season. One major change is the elimination of divisions, providing a more unified approach within the league. Additionally, new travel partners have been introduced for all 12 MAC teams.

The upcoming season will consist of an 18-match league schedule for each team, with a balanced mix of home and away games. Teams will play seven other programs twice, with three two-match series held at home and two on the road. Each team will also compete against their assigned travel partner both at home and away, fostering a closer bond between the paired teams. Miami has been designated as Ball State’s travel partner for the season.

Furthermore, each squad will have the opportunity to face the remaining four league programs once, with two matches held at home and the other two on the road. The schedule will be created annually after the release of the football schedule to prevent any conflicts in home game dates between the two sports.

For the upcoming 2024 season, Ball State’s home schedule will include matches against Bowling Green, Akron, Buffalo, Eastern Michigan, Miami, and Western Michigan. On the road, the Cardinals will travel to Central Michigan, Miami, Ohio, Kent State, Northern Illinois, and Toledo for their away matches. These changes aim to enhance

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