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Uncovering Traumatic Births and Other Unsettling Findings: A Weekly Roundup of Global News

A report from the Birth Trauma Inquiry has recommended a revamp of maternity and postnatal care in the UK, along with the establishment of a new maternity commissioner who would report directly to the prime minister. The inquiry gathered distressing testimonies from over 1,300 women, some of whom shared stories of being left in blood-soaked sheets and children suffering life-altering injuries due to medical negligence. NHS England chief executive Amanda Pritchard emphasized that the experiences detailed in the report are unacceptable. It is estimated that 30,000 women annually in the UK face negative experiences during childbirth, with one in 20 developing post-traumatic stress disorder.

Meanwhile, research has suggested that babies born via C-section may require two measles jabs for full protection. Professor Henrik Salje from the University of Cambridge discussed his team’s findings with researchers from Fudan University in China, who discovered that a single dose of the measles vaccine is significantly less effective in children born by C-section compared to those born naturally.

Two professional skydivers made history by completing the world’s first wingsuit flight through London’s Tower Bridge. Austrian Red Bull skydivers Marco Furst and Marco Waltenspiel leapt from a helicopter at 3,000 feet and soared down to just 35 meters above the River Thames.

In other news, a study has found a connection between internet use and higher wellbeing, Wales has become the first UK nation to join the metaverse, and classic British insults are slowly disappearing. Be sure to listen to our podcast episode for more details on these topics as well as many others available on Apple Podcasts or Spotify or any other preferred podcast platform

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