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Uncertainty in Germany: The Conservatives and Their Proposed Solutions to Economic Challenges

The German conservatives have expressed their concerns about the country’s economic problems and urged Chancellor Olaf Scholz to adopt measures that they believe will address them. One of the main issues that they are calling for is the abolition of the EU supply chain law known as the corporate sustainability due diligence directive.

CDU leader Friedrich Merz has expressed his concerns about the economic outlook for Germany in 2024, stating that many companies are relocating production to other countries. To address this issue, he has presented a total of 12 measures to Scholz and future coalition partners, which include cutting the corporate tax burden, capping social security contributions at 40% of gross wages, and vetoing the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive.

The liberal FDP has welcomed the conservatives’ support, while the Greens and SPD have been more cautious in their response. This letter from the conservatives is just one example of different parties offering their own suggestions on how to fix Germany’s economy. Vice-Chancellor Robert Habeck has proposed a special shadow budget of €1.6 trillion for industry, disbursed through unbureaucratic tax credits, while Finance Minister Lindner has suggested a “dynamising programme,” which would involve slashed corporate taxes and a reversal of Germany’s ambitious renewable energy plans.

However, with different parties presenting their own plans for addressing economic challenges in Germany, it remains uncertain what direction the country will take towards its economic future.

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