The route between Kirants and Voskepar remains blocked

Uncertainty and Protest: Kirants-Voskepar Villagers Fight for Clarity on Property Rights After Border Demarcation Agreement

Villagers living near the border between Kirants and Voskepar have been protesting for 11 days after the closure of a section of road on April 19. Their dissatisfaction with the recent agreement between Yerevan and Baku is evident, as they await clarification from authorities on the changes that have occurred in their property rights and ownership.

In 1976, border demarcation commissions from Armenia and Azerbaijan signed an agreement with the General Staff of the USSR Armed Forces that has had a significant impact on several villages along the border. As a result, certain parts of the border are no longer considered demarcated, leading to confusion about ownership and property rights for villagers. The impending construction of a new road in Kirants and the transfer of ownership to Azerbaijan only adds to their uncertainty about what lies ahead.

Despite Prime Minister Pashinyan’s praise for the border demarcation as “a great success” during a government session, villagers remain concerned about how these changes will affect their lives and livelihoods. Tensions remain high at the crossing between Kirants and Voskepar as people wait for further information and guidance from authorities on how they can protect their interests in this ongoing conflict.

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