Ukraine claims to have foiled plot to assassinate Zelensky

Ukraine’s Unveils Its Biggest Threat Yet: Russian Security Agents Plot to Assassinate Prime Minister and Chief of Staff, Leaving Zelensky Vulnerable Amid War Tensions.

Ukrainian security officials have announced the arrest of two colonels suspected of involvement in an assassination plan, according to a recent statement. The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) stated that the network was working in coordination with Russian agents and that the targets included the Ukrainian prime minister and chief of staff.

President Zelensky’s office acknowledged the reports and announced that his security has been increased in response to the threat. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, there have been concerns for Zelensky’s safety, as he has become the symbol of Ukrainian resistance. While there have been previous reports of assassination attempts against the president, Ukrainian authorities have stated that this is the most significant threat that has been revealed so far.

The Kremlin has not yet responded to Ukraine’s claims regarding the alleged assassination plan attributed to Russian security services. The situation remains tense as both countries navigate the escalating tensions and security concerns. The information that led to the thwarting of the plot was gathered through wiretapping and interrogations of suspects, Ukrainian security officials confirmed.

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