Ukraine fears attack as Russia prepares: “We risk collapse,” says Kiev

Ukraine Faces Increased Threat from Russia as it Prepares to Mobilize Additional 300,000 Soldiers

Ukraine is facing a crucial juncture in its defense against Russian aggression as Russia prepares to mobilize an additional 300,000 soldiers. The move could threaten Kiev’s first defensive line, according to senior officers of the armed forces. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky confirmed during a press conference with his Finnish counterpart Alexander Stubb that Russia plans to send more troops to Ukraine by June 1st.

In response, Zelensky signed a law lowering the age of mandatory military service to 25 years in an effort to increase the number of men ready to defend against the Russian military. However, there are concerns among Ukrainian officials that Russia’s advanced technologies and strategies could pose a significant threat to Ukraine’s defenses. The new military law allows for voluntary enlistment at age 18 but restricts men aged 18-60 from leaving Ukraine due to martial law.

Senior officers who worked with former commander General Valeri Zaluzhny express concern that Russia could break through Ukraine’s front lines and cause a collapse of defenses. They emphasize the importance of having adequate technologies and resources to counter Russia’s military capabilities. The sources point out that Russia’s strategic use of drones, missiles, and evolving tactics poses a serious challenge for Ukraine’s armed forces.

The Ukrainian military is preparing for a potential attack by Russia between late spring and early summer in regions such as Kharkiv, Sumy, or Odessa. As the conflict intensifies, it is essential for Ukraine to strengthen its military readiness and invest in modern technology and equipment to counter the threat posed by Russia’s advanced military capabilities.

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