The UFL kicks off with a strong start amidst busy sports weekend

UFL Kickoff: A Million-Viewer Success on Busy Sports Weekend

The UFL kickoff on a busy sports weekend with Fox and ESPN attracting solid audiences. Austin Karp of Sports Business Daily reported that the Saturday games on Fox had over a million viewers, with the opening game between Birmingham and Arlington averaging 1.18 million viewers and the later game between St. Louis and Michigan having 1.35 million viewers. On Sunday, ESPN-televised games drew 960,000 viewers for D.C. at San Antonio and 703,000 viewers for Memphis at Houston.

Comparatively, the XFL had higher numbers in its opening weekend last year with games exceeding 1.5 million viewers each. The USFL had lower numbers in its 2023 Week 1, with a high of 974,000 viewers. However, history has shown that viewership numbers tend to decline as spring football seasons progress.

The key question now is whether the UFL will maintain or increase its viewership numbers in the coming weeks. According to Karp, the high viewership for Week 1 of the UFL represents a 56% increase over the full-season averages of both the XFL and USFL from 2023. With this success in mind, it will be interesting to see if these gains continue as spring football progresses and if new fans are drawn to this exciting league.

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