TytoCare forms new partnerships with health systems to enhance school health program

TytoCare Partners with Health Systems to Expand School Health Initiatives

Five Health Systems Partner with TytoCare for School Health Initiatives

TytoCare, a company that provides AI-enabled healthcare services, has announced partnerships with five health systems to expand its school health initiatives. Cone Health will introduce TytoCare in 12 schools in North Carolina, Sentara Health will implement it in Title-1 schools across Virginia, and A Plus Family HealthCare in Kentucky will bring its services to five schools in Edmonson County. Two other health systems have also partnered with TytoCare but have not yet made their announcements public.

TytoCare’s Pro Smart Clinics are designed to provide clinicians with the ability to conduct urgent, primary, and specialist care remotely through an AI-enabled device. The connected device collects readings from an otoscope, tongue depressor, thermometer, and FDA-cleared stethoscope, which can analyze lung sounds for wheeze detection in real-time. This technology is particularly useful for diagnosing respiratory issues in children and adults alike.

In addition to school health initiatives, TytoCare also offers virtual care through its AI-enabled TytoCare Home Smart Clinic. This device functions similarly to the Pro Smart Clinic but allows for patient evaluations in the home. Last year, TytoCare received FDA clearance for its clinical decision support software, Tyto Insights for Wheeze Detection. This software uses the company’s stethoscope to evaluate lung sounds and identify recordings that indicate wheezing in adults and children aged two and older, earning a European CE Mark in 2022.

To further enhance its virtual care offerings, TytoCare secured $49 million in funding in August to explore AI use cases for diagnostic support and remote exams, with a focus on its Home Smart Clinic. In November

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