Exploring New Research: Turkish Science Camp in Antarctica

Turkish Researchers Conduct Space Studies in Antarctica: Increasing Turkey’s Presence in Space

Turkish scientists are currently conducting space research in Antarctica, as explained by Ersan Başar, the deputy leader of a team of 24 scientists. According to Başar, preliminary work is being carried out in Antarctica with many joint projects in progress. He emphasized that this demonstrates Turkey’s presence and achievements both on the continent and in space.

After arriving at their research base at Horseshoe Island, the Turkish science team unfurled the Turkish flag and began their research activities. This team was part of the 8th National Antarctic Science Expedition and had previously completed their research on Dismal Island before reaching the science camp on Horseshoe Island in Antarctica.

The expedition was coordinated by the TÜBITAK MAM Polar Research Institute under the Turkish Presidency and the Industry and Technology Ministry. Seven scientists from the team arrived at Dismal Island, where they conducted maintenance and repair work on Turkey’s first permanent Global Navigation Satellite System station located outside its borders. They also took measures to prevent the spread of bird flu, which had been detected in the region earlier.

Once inspections were complete, the team was able to start their work safely. The successful landing of SpaceX’s Dragon Capsule carrying Turkish, Italian, Spanish, and Swedish space travelers further adds to Turkey’s increasing involvement and presence in space research and expeditions.

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