Transfer Portal Beckons Drake Basketball’s Tucker DeVries

Tucker DeVries: How a Drake Basketball Stalwart Left for the Transfer Portal and What it Means for the Bulldogs Moving Forward

Drake basketball’s loss to Washington State in the NCAA Tournament has been a subject of discussion lately, and Tucker DeVries, the son of former Bulldogs coach Darian DeVries, has added his thoughts on the matter. DeVries has announced that he will be entering the transfer portal, marking a significant departure from the team.

Despite suffering from a shoulder injury for most of the season, which required surgery, DeVries continued to play and contribute to Drake’s success. During his time at Drake, he made a significant impact as a true freshman and continued to excel on the court. In his junior season, DeVries averaged impressive statistics and helped lead Drake to several victories, including two Missouri Valley Conference tournament championships and appearances in the NCAA Tournament.

During an interview with reporters, DeVries confirmed that he was dealing with the injury throughout the year but still decided to play through it for his teammates. He also stated that he had made a difficult decision to enter the transfer portal but felt it was best for him at this stage of his career. While there have been no official announcements yet about where DeVries will be heading next, West Virginia is rumored to be one of his top destinations.

Darian DeVries’ departure from Drake may signal other players entering the transfer portal as well. The announcement that Darian DeVries would be joining West Virginia as head basketball coach has already set off speculation about what other changes may occur within the program. It remains to be seen how these developments will impact Drake basketball moving forward.

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