Congressman Cohen reveals a $750,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to the University of Memphis

Trucking Industry Transformation: $750,000 Grant for University of Memphis’s Center for Electrified and Automated Trucking

Congressman Steve Cohen of Tennessee’s 9th district announced today that the University of Memphis has been awarded a grant of $750,000 from the National Science Foundation for Phase One of its Center for Electrified and Automated Trucking (CEAT), led by Civil Engineering Professor Sabya Mishra. This funding will support research and development in the field of electrified vehicles.

In a statement, Congressman Cohen praised the University and Professor Mishra for their achievement, emphasizing the importance of electrified vehicles in shaping the future of the trucking industry. He noted that the University of Memphis’s contribution to this field of science will play a crucial role in advancing technology and innovation in the transportation sector.

The grant from the National Science Foundation will enable the University of Memphis to further its research and development efforts in electrified and automated trucking. This funding will support Phase One of the CEAT project, which aims to explore new technologies and solutions for the industry. The project focuses on developing advanced battery systems, charging infrastructure, automation technologies, and more efficient propulsion systems for electric trucks.

Overall, this grant represents a significant milestone for the University of Memphis and its Center for Electrified and Automated Trucking. By receiving this funding from the National Science Foundation, the University is poised to make important contributions to

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