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Tri-County Partnership Offers Free Scholarships for Healthcare Professionals to Combat Opioid Epidemic

The Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey (PDFNJ) is offering free scholarships to healthcare professionals in Gloucester County to help them fulfill their state-mandated continuing medical education. This initiative is aimed at providing up-to-date information on safe and responsible opioid prescribing, which aligns with New Jersey’s 2017 opioid legislation.

County Acting Prosecutor Christine Hoffman stated that providing continuing medical education to prescribers is a natural intersection for law enforcement and the medical community. She emphasized the importance of the PDFNJ in the ongoing battle against opioid abuse in Gloucester.

The free scholarship program is a collaborative effort between Cumberland, Gloucester, and Salem counties. It features an accredited online course that covers medical, law enforcement, and legal experts discussing the impact of the opioid epidemic on New Jersey and providing the latest knowledge on pain management and opioid prescribing.

Angelo Valente, executive director of PDFNJ, stressed the importance of equipping healthcare professionals with the latest pain management and opioid prescribing knowledge to reduce opioid misuse and ensure comprehensive patient care. For more information on the accredited curriculum, visit

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