New York Subway Shooting Leaves One Dead as Gunman Escapes

Tragic Shooting in New York City Subway Station During Rush Hour Kills One, Injures Five

On Monday, a tragic shooting occurred in a New York City subway station during rush hour. A young man was killed and five others were injured in the incident, which took place on an elevated train platform in the Bronx around 4:30 p.m. (local time).

At the time of the shooting, train stations across the city were filled with children returning home from school and many people beginning their evening commutes. The fire department spokesman confirmed that four of the five injured were taken to hospitals with serious injuries.

Witness Efrain Feliciano, 61, told the Daily News about what he saw at the scene. “The train came and there were two children screaming,” he said. “There were at least six shots.” Feliciano also described seeing sparks when the bullets hit the wall and a woman holding a screaming child in her arms.

Police suspect that the shooting resulted from an argument that ended with one person pulling a gun. The search for the shooter or shooters is currently underway. No further details about what happened have been released by police yet, but they are working diligently to find those responsible for this senseless act of violence.

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