Get up to speed with Lucas Kinsey, Tabitha Fowler, Piper Lang, and Mike Roden

TPSN Reveals Upcoming Streaming Schedule and Exciting Toscosa Girls Soccer Playoff Win, Plus Insights from WT vs North Georgia Matchups

TPSN broadcaster Mike Roden joined us today to discuss TPSN’s upcoming streaming schedule and the current standings of several Panhandle area sports teams. Meanwhile, Tabitha Fowler and Piper Lang from the Tascosa girls soccer team shared their excitement about their team’s first playoff win since 2008 and how they are preparing for their next game.

We also had the chance to interview Lucas Kinsey, who was in the arena for the WT vs North Georgia game. He shared his thoughts on the matchups and more. If you missed these interviews, you can catch them here on our Sports Drive channel.

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