City Dogs Cafe owner claims business is permanently ruined due to storm damage

Tornadoes leave Tallahassee business owner facing closure, but community support keeps hope alive

The recent tornadoes have left a business on Railroad Avenue in Tallahassee facing closure due to severe damage. City Dogs Cafe owner Mike Robinson expressed his disappointment over the situation, calling it the end of his venture. Despite the overwhelming support from the community, Robinson acknowledged the struggles ahead, especially as he balances the cleanup of City Dogs with running his other business, Ma’s Diner.

For Robinson, City Dogs Cafe was more than just a business; it was a personal endeavor that required numerous sacrifices. He likened it to raising a child and expressed his disappointment that things had not worked out as planned. However, he remains hopeful for continued backing from the community as he navigates the aftermath of the tornado damage.

Volunteers have come forward to help with the cleanup efforts, demonstrating the resilience and solidarity of the community. The devastation of losing City Dogs has been difficult for Robinson to comprehend, but he is grateful for their support during this challenging time. He emphasized that businesses in the Railroad District need support and urged people to participate in fundraisers to help revitalize the community.

To stay informed on the latest news, WCTV News app is available for download. Tips or corrections can be submitted through their website while ongoing developments can be followed on WCTV’s social media channels. The community’s support during this challenging time is crucial, and Robinson hopes for continued backing as he works towards rebuilding and restoring City Dogs Cafe.

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