House in Washington DC Built on a Driveway is 10 Feet Wide

Tiny House with Big Potential: Washington, DC’s 10-Foot-Wide Home on the Market for $581,903″.

A compact yet modern 10-foot-wide house is currently on the market in Washington, DC, listed for $581,903. Built on a 0.02-acre plot of land due to strict zoning laws, the one-bedroom home was originally planned as a four-story house but changes in DC zoning restrictions resulted in its construction.

The design and approval process for the home took nearly seven months, with contractor Nady Samnang facing numerous challenges. The precise measurements and compliance with zoning laws required multiple iterations of the floor plan, with adjustments made down to the centimeter to ensure both functionality and legal compliance. Despite the initial difficulties, the home has attracted a lot of interest from potential buyers including investors looking to rent it out or use it as an Airbnb.

The property has seen fluctuations in its asking price since it was listed for $799,900 but it has become one of the most viewed homes on Zillow, generating curiosity and attention across the country. The unique nature of the property, with its narrow width and modern design, has drawn in buyers who see potential in its small size and central location. Despite the challenges faced during the development process, this compact home has become a popular property on the market, appealing to a diverse range of potential buyers.

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