Former employee arrested on suspicion of robbing La Quinta business

Thief Arrested for Armed Robbery in La Quinta: Suspect Had Previously Worked at Stolen Merchandise.

On Tuesday, a 28-year-old man from Thermal was arrested for committing an armed robbery at a business in La Quinta. The suspect had previously been employed at the business and had fled the scene with stolen merchandise after the robbery took place on Sunday.

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department’s La Quinta Business District Team and Special Enforcement Team apprehended the suspect at 4:28 p.m. on Tuesday, according to Sgt. Patrick Mushinskie. During the investigation, several firearms and other evidence related to the robbery were recovered during a search of the suspect’s residence.

Individuals with any information pertaining to this robbery were urged to contact Cpl. Manuel Bustillos or Deputy Erik Martin of the Thermal Sheriff’s Station’s La Quinta Special Enforcement Team at 760-863-8990 or 760-341-7867. News Channel 3 encourages civil and constructive conversation, and readers are requested to keep their comments respectful and relevant while reviewing the Community Guidelines before submitting a story idea by clicking on the provided link.

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