Climate Science and Policy Center at Wilkes

The Wilkes Center for Climate Science and Policy: Innovative Solutions Through Multi-Disciplinary Approach

In order to effectively address the challenges presented by climate change, a multi-disciplinary approach is necessary. This approach incorporates scientific research on climate change, as well as the development of policies, educational initiatives, and innovative solutions. The Wilkes Center for Climate Science and Policy at the University of Utah is at the forefront of this multi-disciplinary approach.

Through its collaborative efforts, the Wilkes Center brings together a diverse group of individuals, including scientists, policy makers, educators, and other stakeholders. The center’s focus is on conducting practical, integrative research that can lead to meaningful climate innovations and real-world change. John Lin, the Associate Director of the Wilkes Center, plays a key role in advancing the center’s mission by leading initiatives such as the Climate Solutions Launch Prize. These initiatives and collaborations are helping the Wilkes Center work towards a more sustainable and climate-resilient future.

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