The Danish warship faced multiple weapon malfunctions while engaging with the Houthis

The Red Sea: A Dangerous Waters, European Warships Face Challenges

The Red Sea is a dangerous waters, and European warships have faced challenges there before. A recent report by the Danish media revealed that the country’s most modern corvette, Iver Huitfeldt, encountered problems with its radar, combat system, and 76 mm cannon while on duty in the region. Lieutenant Colonel Sune Lund, commander of the corvette, detailed these issues in an internal message to his crew during their 3-month mission to respond to the Houthis and protect maritime routes.

Iver Huitfeldt is one of the most advanced warships in the Danish navy, costing approximately 325 million USD. However, during critical moments, it was unable to fire long-range air defense missiles due to issues with its APAR radar and C-Flex combat management system. Furthermore, some of its 76 mm artillery shells prematurely detonated after leaving the barrel, posing a significant safety threat to the ship and its crew.

The Danish Ministry of Defense has launched an investigation into Iver Huitfeldt’s combat activities in response to these issues. This incident highlights the challenges and risks faced by naval forces in combat zones like the Red Sea. It also raises concerns about the effectiveness and reliability of advanced naval technology in such scenarios.

This is not the first time a European warship has faced challenges in this region. In 2018, Germany’s Sachsen missile guard ship launched two SM-2 air defense missiles at a suspicious UAV later identified as a US MQ-9 Reaper drone, resulting in a misfire that cost Germany millions of dollars. These incidents show that even with state-of-the-art equipment and training, there are still risks involved when deploying naval forces in combat zones.

In conclusion, while Iver Huitfeldt is considered one of Denmark’s most modern warships, it still faced significant issues during its mission in the Red Sea. The Danish Ministry of Defense is currently investigating these issues while similar incidents involving European warships serving in this region highlight concerns about advanced naval technology’s effectiveness and reliability in combat scenarios.

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