South Korea Urged by US to Strengthen Export Controls on Chinese Chips

The Race for Semiconductor Supremacy: Biden Puts Pressure on South Korea to Restrict China’s Access to Advanced Chip Technology

The Biden administration is intensifying efforts to prevent China from advancing its semiconductor technology by urging South Korea to impose restrictions on exporting chip-making equipment and technologies to China. The US is calling on South Korea to limit the transfer of high-end logic and memory chip technologies, such as logic chips more advanced than 14-nanometer and DRAM memory beyond 18nm, to China. These measures align with actions taken by the US Department of Commerce in 2022.

American officials are working tirelessly to restrict the flow of equipment and technologies necessary for producing advanced logic and memory chips to China. Their ultimate goal is to prevent China from gaining access to cutting-edge chip technologies that could help them achieve their semiconductor ambitions. By encouraging South Korea to adopt similar restrictions, the US is aiming to strengthen its position in the global semiconductor industry and limit China’s technological advancements.

Despite ongoing discussions between the US and South Korea on imposing restrictions on semiconductor technology exports to China being private, it is clear that the Biden administration is actively seeking to block China’s access to key chip-making technologies in order to maintain a competitive edge in the semiconductor market. The US is looking for cooperation from allies like South Korea to prevent China from accelerating their semiconductor capabilities and potentially posing a threat to American technological leadership.

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