Conference 2024 of the European Citizen Science Association

The Power of Citizen Science in Driving Environmental Change: Exploring the Potential and Challenges

As a journalist, I have rewritten the article as follows:

A study by Luke Gooding explores the potential of citizen science in facilitating an energy transition. The research examines various citizen science projects related to energy transitions and evaluates their goals, methodologies, outcomes, and challenges. Successful case studies are highlighted to demonstrate the diverse applications of citizen science in addressing energy-related issues. The study aims to bridge the gap between citizen science and energy transition research by investigating the factors that hinder their collaboration, including disciplinary divides, institutional structures, funding mechanisms, and policy frameworks.

Luke’s presentation is a joint project with Sarah West and Rachel Pateman. Rachel recently presented at an ECSA webinar on the importance of citizen science in environmental research and conservation efforts.

Smriti Safaya’s presentation focuses on the impact of environmental citizen science activities on youth environmental values, knowledge, and behavior. The research shows that engaging students in citizen science projects can lead to positive changes in their attitudes and actions towards the natural environment. Even one-time participatory activities can increase student knowledge and encourage a wider range of environmental behaviors. This presentation also highlights the transformative effects of rewarding citizen science experiences on teachers and students, leading to long-term projects and community-wide initiatives.

The practical implications provided in this presentation are valuable for citizen science project designers, organizers, environmental scientists, and educators seeking to create meaningful citizen science opportunities in formal and informal educational settings. By understanding the potential of citizen science in fostering environmental stewardship among youth, researchers and educators can develop innovative approaches to engage students in conservation efforts.

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