The Giants introduce new alternate uniforms in honor of their 100th anniversary

The Giants’ Century Red: A Unique Alternate Uniform for their 100th Anniversary Celebrations

The Giants are celebrating their 100th anniversary this season and to mark the occasion, they have unveiled an alternate uniform. The new “Century Red” look is a departure from the modern era uniforms we are used to seeing. The red jerseys feature a blue midsection underneath white numbers, with a special 100th season patch on the upper left.

In addition to the jerseys, the Giants will be wearing tan pants with red and blue striped socks that pay homage to the team’s 1925 uniforms. They will also be sporting alternate helmets that resemble the winged helmets worn by Michigan, but in the Giants’ colors of red and blue. This design is a nod to the leather helmets the team wore during the 1938 season.

The Giants plan to wear these throwback uniforms for up to two games this season, and it is expected to generate strong reactions from fans and spectators alike. This unique and historic look is sure to add to the excitement of the team’s 100th anniversary celebrations.

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