Economic Anxiety and the Election: Insights from The Journal

The Economy’s Impact on Voting: A Conversation with Molly Ball and Journal Podcast Hosts at the Cascade PBS Ideas Festival.

Molly Ball, senior political correspondent for The Wall Street Journal, sat down with Kate Linebaugh and Ryan Knutson, co-hosts of The Journal podcast, to discuss the role the economy plays in shaping voters’ decisions at the ballot box. During the Cascade PBS Ideas Festival, recorded in Seattle on May 4, 2024, the panel explored how economic factors such as unemployment, wages, inflation, and recovery from the pandemic can influence election outcomes.

The conversation delved into how economic metrics are often tied to incumbent politicians who are held responsible for economic downturns. However, it also examined how unique economic drivers of the modern era may influence the Biden vs. Trump rematch in the upcoming election. The panelists debated whether economic issues have a greater impact on election results than other key issues like social concerns or foreign policy that have become increasingly polarized.

This discussion sheds light on the complex relationship between the economy and elections and offers insights into how economic factors may impact the 2024 election and races down the ballot. For more episodes from the Cascade PBS Ideas Festival podcast featuring this discussion visit to listen to a full uncut recording of this insightful conversation.

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