Missing Knobs: How Technology has Become a Nightmare for Millennials

The Digital Divide: A Journalist’s Reflections on the Challenges of Adapting to a Technologically-Driven World.

The new way of interacting with technology is a constant struggle for me. I find myself yearning for the days when everything was simpler and more straightforward. When you could physically see and feel the buttons you were pressing.

Now, everything is hidden behind a sleek glass screen, requiring me to navigate through endless menus and options just to perform a simple task. Despite my best efforts to embrace the digital age, I will always be a creature of the analogue world. There’s a certain nostalgia that comes with twiddling knobs and dialling numbers, a sense of satisfaction that you just don’t get from a touchscreen. So while I may be trying to keep up with the times, a part of me will always long for the simpler days of analogue technology.

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