What we know so far about the Baltimore bridge collapse: reminiscent of an action movie

The Daring Rescue: A Tragic Accident and Its Implications for the US Automotive Supply Chain”.

In the early hours of the morning, a kilometre-long bridge in Maryland made headlines when its middle portion collapsed. The incident happened around 1:30 a.m. local time when the freighter Dali veered off course near the Francis Scott Key Bridge. The dramatic accident, described as something out of an action movie by Mayor Brandon Scott, drew international attention and condolences from US President Joe Biden.

Two workers were rescued from the water, while six others remained missing, along with the occupants of the cars that fell into the water. Divers continued to search for survivors in the cold water, with diminishing hopes of finding them due to the low water temperature. The collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge had significant implications for the US automotive supply chain, with major car companies like Ford and General Motors having to redirect parts shipments through other ports.

The investigation into the cause of the bridge collapse continues as authorities work to recover any remaining survivors and vehicles from the water. According to Mayor Scott, “This is a tragic event that has affected many people in our community.” However, he also expressed gratitude for those who came together to help rescue those involved in the incident.

“We are working closely with state and federal officials to determine what caused this incident,” said Governor Larry Hogan in a statement following

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