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The Dangerous Crocodile Terrorizing Herbert River is Finally Captured by Wildlife Officers

A dangerous 3.9-metre (12.8-foot) crocodile that had been terrorizing the residents of Herbert River in North Queensland, Australia has been captured by wildlife officers. The saltwater crocodile, nicknamed “Herbie,” was successfully trapped on the riverbank and has since been transferred to Townsville for relocation to a crocodile farm or zoo.

Lawrence Perticato, a resident of Herbert River, reported the aggressive saltwater croc to the authorities after it began displaying unusual behavior. Lawrence recounted how the crocodile had attacked him while he was mowing his lawn and had also eaten three of his neighbor’s chickens. Saltwater crocodiles are known to be the largest living reptiles in the world, with males reaching weights of up to 1,000–1,500 kilograms (2,200–3,300 pounds) and lengths of 6 meters (20 feet).

The capture of the crocodile brought an end to its reign of terror in the area and provided a sense of relief to the residents of Herbert River. Lawrence, who has lived on the river all his life, expressed relief at the capture of the crocodile, stating that he had felt “on edge” during the months that

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