Celtics attentively watch Caitlin Clark lead Iowa past LSU after victory over Hornets

The Celtics’ Standout Basketball Player: Impressions from Caitlin Clark’s Elite Eight Win

The Boston Celtics beat the Charlotte Hornets on Monday night, but their attention quickly turned to watching Caitlin Clark in the Elite Eight of the women’s NCAA Tournament. Ten Celtics players sat in a row at their lockers, watching Clark make nine 3-pointers and score 41 points to lead Iowa to the Final Four with a 94-87 win. They were amazed by her performance and acknowledged her talent.

The players continued to watch Clark’s impressive game until Iowa sealed the win, still talking about her incredible skills. Clark is the NCAA Division I all-time scoring leader with 3,900 career points, ranking sixth on the all-time scoring list for college basketball. The players were impressed by her achievements and discussed her impact on the game.

Celtics forward Sam Hauser praised Clark, stating that she is stealing the show in both men’s and women’s basketball with her exceptional talent. He noted the increased interest in women’s basketball and how Clark has captured the attention of fans and players alike. Hauser recalled how NBA players would often watch the men’s NCAA Tournament but rarely focused on a women’s game like they did with Clark’s performance.

Overall, the Celtics players were impressed by Clark’s skills and her ability to dominate on the court. They recognized her as a standout player in the world of basketball and appreciated

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