22-year-old attempts to find new job, only to be mistakenly declared deceased

The Bizarre Case of Tyler Chase: How a Sober Young Man’s Name Was Accidentally Assigned to a Dead Person

In October, Tyler Chase was informed that a death certificate had been filed in his name. He had died of a drug overdose three months earlier, according to the authorities. The 22-year-old then turned to the authorities to resolve the issue with the benefits he was entitled to.

Chase had been sober for several months and was looking for a job when he realized that something was wrong. He went to a local department store to use his food stamps and found out that his credit card was no longer active. This led him to suspect that something was off.

After contacting the police, they went to the rehab center where Chase was staying. The authorities were confused as to why a “dead man” was trying to get information about himself. It turned out that after receiving the message, Chase’s family refused to see the body and it was burned on October 1st. The deceased was older, shorter, thinner, and red-haired than Chase.

The confusion could have been avoided if they had seen the body as it would have helped them identify who it belonged to. The ashes were given to his cousin, Tasha Rosales who said her family raised more than $1000 dollars for her cremation, despite their sadness over what happened.

Chase has since found work in Portland helping homeless people. According to him, understanding what happened made him realize where he could have ended up: “It could have been me.” A Multnomah County spokesman commented on the bizarre case and expressed regret for what happened: “We are very sorry that the wrong identification happened,” said the statement. “This all happened because of an error in identification – from now on all people found with temporary state-issued identification must submit fingerprints for verification.”

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