How does Donald Trump deserve credit for Joe Biden’s economy?

The Battle for Accuracy: Examining the Media’s Coverage of Biden’s Infrastructure Efforts and the Politics Surrounding them

President Biden recently delivered a speech highlighting his progress on infrastructure, while criticizing former President Trump’s lack of accomplishments in this area. In response, Fox News had a ready-made explanation for why Trump couldn’t pass infrastructure bills, with Brian Kilmeade attributing it to distractions like fake Russian leads. Marco Rubio also blamed the pandemic for hindering Trump’s ability to make progress on infrastructure projects, despite the fact that the pandemic only started in the last year of Trump’s presidency.

While the media reports on these issues, they often provide ample space for Republican viewpoints like Rubio’s. However, an Associated Press report on Biden’s visit to Wisconsin initially praised Biden before quoting Republican officials and mentioning Trump’s activities that day. While the media is supposed to be balanced, it is also expected to be accurate. Whatley’s claim that manufacturing has stalled and family farms are closing under Biden’s leadership ignores the fact that manufacturing jobs have actually increased under his administration. The decline of family farms is a long-standing issue, with corporate agribusiness lobbying playing a significant role in this trend.

In conclusion, while the media strives for balance, it is essential to ensure that reporting is based on accurate information rather than political rhetoric. Biden’s infrastructure progress should be evaluated on its merits, rather than being unfairly blamed for issues beyond his control.

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