In a World Dominated by Engineers, an Architect Shines

The Architectural Pioneer: Matěj Vydra’s Journey at Škoda Technical Development

As the sole architect at Škoda Technical Development among over three thousand employees, Matěj Vydra has been responsible for notable projects such as a footbridge over the Jizera River and the Virtual Development Centre. He believes that in the field of architecture, leaving ego behind is crucial to progress, especially in an industrial setting like Škoda where efficiency is key to a successful return on investment.

Vydra’s role as an architect on the investor side requires him to define the brief and ensure external companies fulfill it. He values collaboration with other architects as essential to achieving successful outcomes. Despite being associated with buildings and urban development, Vydra finds solace in nature, particularly in the mountains. He enjoys escaping to mountain huts in the Alps and observing the sun’s movement across the landscape, drawing inspiration for his work. Light is fundamental to architecture for Vydra, echoing the sentiments of renowned architects Louis Kahn and Le Corbusier who considered it as the cornerstone of their designs. By immersing himself in nature and embracing collaboration over ego, Vydra brings a unique perspective to his work in architectural development.

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