Deputy Director of Daniel Sancho Investigation, Big Joke, Released on Bail for Money Laundering Charges

Thai Ex-Cop Surachate Hakparn’s Bail in Money Laundering Case Raises Concerns about Police Corruption

Surachate Hakparn, also known as “Big Joke,” was released on bail after being accused of involvement in money laundering for an online betting network. The arrest warrant was issued after he ignored police summonses in March to cooperate with the investigation. Despite his controversial past, including being removed from the force without explanation in 2019, Surachate became the public face of the investigation into the alleged murder of Colombian Edwin Arrieta by Spaniard Daniel Sancho. This case is separate from the money laundering allegations and Surachate’s involvement in the betting network.

Surachate maintains his innocence and says that the case is still in the allegations phase until a court verdict is reached. His release on bail has raised questions about the ongoing investigation and his role in the police force. The case has drawn attention to corruption within the Thai Police and the challenges of addressing misconduct among senior officers. As legal proceedings continue, Surachate’s outcome will determine his innocence or guilt in the money laundering allegations.

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