Former Frisco resident Pippa Scott performs a board slide whilst competing in a snowboard slopestyle competitors. Scott not too long ago began the Ride for Mental Well being which strives to break the stigma about mental wellness on and off the slopes.
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Former Frisco resident Pippa Scott may possibly devote the vast majority of her time attempting to place with each other a powerful competitors run, but her thoughts is also occupied with attempting to break the stigma surrounding mental wellness in the snowsports neighborhood and beyond.

Scott, 16, is a slopestyle and halfpipe snowboard athlete who competed all through the 2022-23 winter season and on the U.S. Revolution Tour. In spite of nonetheless getting thought of a young rider, Scott is no stranger to snowboarding competitions. Creating one particular of her earliest appearances in 2013 at the Billabong Flaunt It slopestyle and rail jam competitors, Scott has been present at important snowboarding competitions for the improved aspect of ten years.

In that timeframe, Scott has observed two sides of the sport she dearly loves. On one particular hand, Scott has observed herself and close good friends finish on podiums, stomp runs and make breakthroughs in the sport, but she has also knowledgeable heartache more than various suicides inside her snowboarding circle.

“I had my personal good friends who struggled, and I personally also struggle with mental wellness,” Scott stated. “With the snowboard neighborhood, I had never ever had a opportunity exactly where somebody had an open conversation with me about mental wellness. It never ever seemed like anything that was acceptable to speak about or anything that was standard.”

Scott stated the identical is accurate for mountain communities in basic. The neighborhood may possibly really feel tight-knit and tiny, but mental wellness is usually not thought of when other elements of an individual’s effectively-getting are.

“I bear in mind just getting aspect of a mountain town and a neighborhood that is so tiny that it occasionally seemed like mental wellness was overlooked simply because no one particular was speaking about it,” Scott stated. 

With several Olympic athletes like Mikaela Shiffrin, Shaun White, Simone Biles and Michael Phelps speaking out and bringing awareness to their personal mental wellness, Scott strived to supply a assistance program for these competing at her age and talent level. 

With the assist of Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide, Scott started Ride for Mental Well being in order to address the stigma about mental wellness and the price of suicides in America’s young adults. 

According to a report from the Centers for Illness Handle, suicide is the second-major lead to of death for ten- to 14-year-olds and is the third-major lead to of death amongst 15- to 24-year-olds. On top of that, a various CDC report showed that 57% of higher college girls and 70% of LBGTQ+ students felt persistently sad or hopeless in 2021. 

Ride for Mental Well being hopes to break the existing trend of teen suicides in the snowsports neighborhood and beyond. At the center of Scott’s mission is producing confident young snowsports athletes have a comfy location to speak about their personal mental wellness. She usually stresses that one’s mental wellness is just as significant as an athlete’s physical wellness or stomping a run.

“I also strive to go to the Olympics just like a lot of my peers, and I really feel like because I was small that the large message I was offered was that you had to be powerful and challenging to be a skilled athlete,” Scott stated. “Now I recognize that is a minor aspect of it, and it is far more about speaking about how you are feeling and not bottling up your feelings.”

In the one particular month Ride for Mental Well being has officially been established, Scott has currently observed a shift inside her snowboarding neighborhood.

Scott says just before she began to spend interest to mental wellness, athletes would usually be paralyzed when a run or competitors did not go the way they planned. Now Scott feels like athletes are far more comfy to speak about their feelings and push previous one particular terrible run or competitors. 

Pippa Scott, left, and Susan Tellone speak to guests at Copper Mountain Resort throughout the United States of America Snowboard and Freeski Association’s nationals from March 31 to April six.
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“Especially with my peers, I have noticed that when we speak about tricks that are going incorrect and why they really feel a specific way, then they get on the hill and the run that they take is improved than the final simply because they have currently talked and had the conversation,” Scott stated. “They are no longer bottling up these feelings.”

Scott is eventually assisting to break down the stigma and barriers about the usually taboo topic. 

“By opening up this conversation (Pippa) is breaking down barriers of stigma and shame and that is okay to speak about it,” stated Susan Tellone, The Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide clinical director. “Another message that she is sending out is that it is brave to speak about your mental wellness. It is essentially courageous. As courageous as intense sports little ones are, this is even far more courageous than some of the points they have accomplished on the slopes.”

Scott and Tellone have been each present at the United States of America Snowboard and Freeski Association nationals at Copper Mountain Resort for snowboard week final week. The duo spoke at forums for athletes, coaches and the USASA about teen suicide prevention, as effectively as offered stuffed heart pillows for each athlete’s swag bag at the occasion.

“We never ever do any presentation devoid of telling persons what to appear for, the warning indicators and what to do if they are worried about somebody,” Tellone stated. “We in all probability had a 45-minute conversation about it, and it seemed like it truly resonated with them. They have been grateful.” 

Eventually, Scott and Tellone are hoping to continue to break the stigma about mental wellness and make folks far more comfy about speaking about their mental wellness by means of Ride for Mental Well being. 

“We want persons to know to get assist early on and to not wait,” Tellone stated. “Do not wait till you are feeling awful and are in crisis. Be capable to acknowledge when they could be getting a terrible day and to be capable to speak about it. We are in a crisis correct now in our nation, and a lot of that is simply because persons are waiting as well extended to get assist.”

To give to the lead to of Ride for Mental Well being, take a look at

It requires courage and bravery to speak up about mental wellness. If you or somebody you know is struggling emotionally or has concerns about their mental wellness, do not wait to attain out.

Get in touch with 911 if you or somebody you know is in instant danger. Text or contact 988 for a 24-hour suicide prevention hotline or contact Colorado Crisis Solutions at 1-844-493-8255.

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