Mount Vernon teachers demonstrate their commitment to contract negotiations with a ‘walk-in’ protest showing that they mean business.

Teachers Rally for Fair Contract and Recognition in Mount Vernon

In Mount Vernon, teachers gathered outside Hamilton Elementary School for a “walk-in” rally before the school day began. This rally was part of a citywide effort by teachers to negotiate a new contract. The teachers received support from passing drivers as they gathered outside the school.

Thalia Langley, the vice president of the Mount Vernon Federation of Teachers K-8, highlighted the importance of recognizing teachers’ daily contributions to their students. Negotiations for a new contract have been ongoing for approximately two years, with teachers feeling frustrated by the slow progress. Teachers in Mount Vernon haven’t received a raise in three years.

Teachers at the rally aimed to show solidarity as negotiations continued, calling for acting Superintendent Dr. K. Veronica Smith to take a more active role in the negotiation process. Langley expressed hope that both the superintendent and the board would take the teachers’ concerns seriously.

As negotiations are set to resume soon, union officials hope that the message conveyed during the rally will have an impact on the upcoming session. Teachers are determined to advocate for a fair contract that recognizes their hard work and dedication to their students.

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