Patrice Vergriete switches from Housing to Transport in reshuffle

Sustainable Transport in France: Patrice Vergriete’s Appointment as Minister Delegate for Transport

Patrice Vergriete, a former Minister Delegate for Housing and ex-mayor of Dunkirk, has been appointed as Minister Delegate for Transport. He is affiliated with various leftist groups and is an expert in town planning and development, including transport. As mayor of Dunkirk, he made buses free in 2018 as a “social and ecological” measure that saw immediate success. Currently, 75,000 people take the bus every day in the urban community of Dunkirk.

As Minister of Transport, Vergriete will address issues such as metropolitan RERs, the 100 billion euro railway plan in France, and the transition from thermal cars to electric cars. He is also known for his stance against tightening immigration laws and has expressed his intention to work towards more progressive policies in this area. His appointment is seen as a signal sent to the left-wing of the majority.

Vergriete’s focus on transportation policy will likely bring him attention from those concerned about sustainable mobility solutions. He may also work towards improving accessibility for all citizens by making transportation options more affordable and accessible. Overall, Vergriete’s appointment as Minister Delegate for Transport marks an important step towards a more sustainable future for France’s transportation systems.

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