Funeral Home Owner Addresses Community Following Devastating Tornado Strike on Morgan County Business

Surviving the Storm: The Destruction of Sunbright’s Schubert Funeral Home and the Community’s Rally to Support Owner Billy Glen Kennedy

On Tuesday afternoon, a tornado touched down near Sunbright, confirmed by radar, according to the National Weather Service. Despite no injuries being reported by Wartburg Police Chief Michael Cox, several businesses, including Schubert Funeral Home, suffered significant damage from the tornado.

Billy Glen Kennedy, the owner of Schubert Funeral Home in Sunbright, received a call from a friend informing him that the funeral home had been destroyed. Kennedy immediately drove to the location and was shocked by the extent of the damage. He mentioned that there was little wind or rain at his home just four miles away when the tornado hit.

Kennedy has worked at the funeral home for 40 years and owned it for the last 11 years. Although he expressed gratitude that no one was hurt, he acknowledged that material things can be replaced and emphasized safety above all else. The tight-knit community of Sunbright rallied around Kennedy and offered their support during this challenging time.

The funeral home is currently working to recover and assess the damage caused by the tornado. Services will continue in Wartburg until the Sunbright location is able to reopen. Kennedy asked for continued prayers and support as they navigate through this difficult period following

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