This pet business owner is happy she downsized

Surviving and Thriving: The Inspirational Story of Judy Nunez and Tails on Trails in the Face of Pandemic Challenges

Judy Nunez, an animal lover, founded Tails on Trails in Jersey City, New Jersey in 2012. She had to look for jobs that required standing or walking due to injuries that limited her sitting abilities. During a Google search, she stumbled upon dog walking and found it to be the perfect fit for her.

Tails on Trails has been operational for more than a decade. However, the pandemic brought significant changes to the business. Prior to the pandemic, Nunez had 26 staff members working for Tails on Trails. However, she now has between four to six employees, depending on the season. Despite downsizing, Nunez views it as an opportunity for easier management as the business continues to expand.

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