Salvini survives no confidence vote in Italy

Surviving a Motion of No Confidence: Salvini’s Political Struggles in Italy

Salvini, a right-wing populist leader of the Italian Lega party, recently survived a motion of no confidence brought against him by the opposition. During a debate in the Chamber of Deputies in Rome, 209 MPs rejected the motion and only 129 were in favor, with three abstaining. As a result, Salvini remains transport minister and deputy head of government.

Salvini gained notoriety as interior minister for his tough stance on boat refugees and rescue organizations. However, he is currently facing criticism at home for his statements regarding Russia. Some interpret his support for Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin as being too enthusiastic. He has had close ties with Putin in the past, which has raised concerns among some within his own party.

Prior to the no-confidence vote, Lega released a statement distancing itself from an agreement with Putin’s party United Russia in 2017. There is also growing dissent within the Lega regarding Salvini’s leadership. The upcoming European elections in June are being closely watched, with Salvini’s position potentially at risk if Lega performs poorly. Current polls show Lega polling below ten percent, trailing behind Meloni’s Fratelli d’Italia party which has moved towards the center since coming to power. In 2019, Lega secured over 34 percent of the vote in European elections.

Despite facing criticism at home and dissent within his own party, Salvini remains committed to maintaining his position as transport minister and deputy head of government. He continues to advocate for policies that align with his right-wing populist ideology while seeking to maintain good relations with other countries and leaders such as Putin.

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