What’s going on in Ecuador? | Are we seeing an increase in violence?

Surge in Violence in Ecuador During Holy Week: Government Declares Internal Armed Conflict, Military Deploys to Combat Gangs

In recent weeks, Ecuador has experienced a surge of violence during Holy Week, with the President declaring an internal armed conflict on January 9. The escalation resulted in three massacres that claimed the lives of 17 people and injured several others.

The Attorney General’s Office issued a statement warning about criminal organizations attempting to destabilize the country and hindering ongoing investigations, such as the Metastasis Case. Despite the militarization of streets in violent cities to combat gangs, criminal activity continues to persist, leading to a new wave of violence over the weekend.

From January to March 2024, instances of extortion and kidnapping have increased across the country. In Guayaquil alone, extortion cases have quintupled from the previous year. The first massacre involved Ecuadorian tourists who were kidnapped and later found dead with gunshot wounds. The second incident took place during a volleyball game in Guayaquil, where multiple individuals were shot and killed. The third attack occurred in Fortaleza del Pacífico, where individuals were fired upon by gunmen on motorcycles.

The ongoing violence has raised concerns about security in Ecuador, with experts noting different dynamics of violence in various regions of the country. The Metastasis Case investigation into organized crime and corruption has not directly translated into street violence. However, the government is still addressing challenges related to criminal activity and violence in the country.

Despite efforts to curb criminal activities through military action and state-of-emergency declarations, Ecuador remains vulnerable to violent attacks. As such, it is imperative that authorities continue to address this issue head-on to ensure public safety for all citizens.

In conclusion, Ecuador needs immediate attention from its government officials and law enforcement agencies regarding its escalating security situation. It is crucial that they take decisive measures towards reducing crime rates and improving public safety for all citizens across different regions of Ecuador.

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