Consulting firms have not seen the effects of the Government’s celebrated price drop

Supermarkets’ Three-Stage Plan to Restore Disappeared Products, Yet Inflation May Not Decrease as Expected

The recent announcement of the importation of basic basket products and the reduction of tariffs has led to a decline in prices, which the government is celebrating. According to private estimates, April inflation data, set to be released by Indec at 4 p.m., is expected to be around 8%. However, consultants have clarified that the drop in the index is more due to promotions and discounts resulting from reduced consumption since March rather than the entry of imported products.

To bring back missing products on their shelves, supermarkets have implemented a three-stage plan: introducing new categories and suppliers, expanding their offerings, and restoring their assortment of products that disappeared due to low stocks. Imported products like Conaprole and coffee capsules have already entered the market with higher prices compared to local ones.

The drop in prices is primarily linked to reduced sales rather than increased competition from imported goods. While the government attributes lower prices to increased competition, experts believe that this impact will become more apparent in future months. The Argentine Supermarket Federation expects this market change’s results to become more evident soon.

Overall, the decline in inflation is due to various factors such as promotions, reduced consumption, and fiscal policies. The gradual entry of imported products is not expected to have an immediate impact on prices; instead, it will unfold over time as increased competition leads to lower wholesale prices.

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