Andy Reid Defends OT Coin Flip Decision: I Won’t Doubt Kyle Shanahan

Super Bowl Overtime: Chiefs Win, Shanahan’s Unconventional Decision Sparks Debate

On Sunday, the Super Bowl went into overtime for only the second time in history. This was also the first time that this occurred under the revised rules which guarantee each team a chance to possess the ball.

In a surprising move, 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan chose to receive over kick off or defer. The team then drove for a field goal to open the extra period. However, the Chiefs then drove 72 yards before a Patrick Mahomes touchdown pass to Mecole Hardman, leading to a 25-22 victory.

After winning the toss, Shanahan explained after the game that he preferred to receive the ball if the game went to sudden death with a third possession. He said that it’s important for teams to be able to handle both sides of the ball and make decisions based on what they think is best for their team.

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid was asked about that call after the game and said he’s not sure if there’s a correct way to play things given the lack of history in that scenario, so he wouldn’t second guess Shanahan’s call. He added that his team did their job and were able to win another Super Bowl title.

On social media, many people are praising Reid for his decision-making skills and his ability to adapt to different situations on game day. Some are also questioning whether Shanahan should have received or deferred instead of choosing

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