GUANGZHOU, China, April 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — From March 28th to 31st, the Workplace Atmosphere and Industrial Space Exhibition and Gear and Supplies Exhibition have been held at the Canton Fair Complicated and Poly Globe Trade Expo Center through the 51st China International Furnishings Fair (Guangzhou). The exhibition aimed to facilitate the worldwide furnishings provide chain and empower the higher-high-quality improvement of the furnishings business with its extraordinary perspectives, broad horizons, and complete channels and sources. Sunon Technologies brought its notion of exploring the future-proof spaces to the occasion by way of intelligent lean production, generating workplace spaces a lot more dynamic and agile.

Sunon Booth at the 51st China International Furniture Fair

Sunon Booth at the 51st China International Furnishings Fair

The Feather Spirit Exhibition Space

The Feather Spirit Exhibition Space

With a concentrate on constructing the attractive space, Sunon Technology’s exhibition region emphasized the integration of Eastern aesthetics and trendy components. The merchandise that incorporate ergonomic style, environmental protection, and sustainability featured a signature style that combined trendy culture with classic beauty, permitting guests to practical experience an workplace scene with special space appealing qualities though appreciating the aesthetics of life.

Sunon Technology’s whole exhibition hall was created with a uncomplicated and concise white colour scheme and complemented by the passionate hue of Chinese red. The mixture of red and white is traditional and comfy, with an influential artistic appeal.

At the exhibition, Sunon Technologies presented 5 statement workplace spaces that integrated technologies, aesthetics, style, and well being: the Wise Drawing, Art, Interconnectivity, Feather Spirit, and Exploration. These spaces provided guests a new and ultimate practical experience, permitting them to really feel the attraction of indoor components like art, dynamic movement, interconnectivity, and well being.

In the Wise Drawing space, Sunon Technologies has created 3 scenes to showcase the emerging workplace mode. The employees region utilizes technologies-empowered merchandise to strengthen workplace efficiency, though the vibrant negotiation region makes it possible for designers to replenish their power at any time. Consisted of its F series lounge seating, adorned with all-natural components, the negotiation region completely utilizes its innate comfort and colour sense, offering comfy assistance for just about every user’s sitting posture, permitting them to return to a all-natural atmosphere and unleash their brain energy and imagination. Right here, there will be a passionate collision of suggestions, and sparks of creativity will fly.

It is worth noting that the UP7 lifting desk, as Sunon Technology’s independently created statement item, has been properly received by the worldwide market place considering the fact that its launch, and its special style is favored by customers. As a brand-new intelligent lifting desk, it embodies the style-forward tone in its look style and leverages the super IoT technologies. A lot more focus-grabbing is the no-base chair – H5, which will be launched in this spring. Its chair back assistance rod is created completely of PA plastic, which is molded from fishing nets, ropes, and security airbags recycled from the sea. The style of the new item follows the “3R” principle of “minimize, reuse, and recycle”. H5 is also equipped with AirPro’s complete-physique cooling program and a 360° suspension style that makes it possible for the physique to only speak to with versatile mesh fabric, offering each versatile wrapping sensation and the function of correcting sitting posture.

As the COVID-19 epidemic continues to effect society, an rising quantity of individuals are embracing the new versatile function model of hybrid offices, which combines remote and standard workplace approaches. Breaking down the barriers of time and space, enabling the flow of info and connecting feelings. Sunon Technology’s Verdure-X semi-open screen panel program has accomplished a series of versatile combinations by way of structural upgrades. With connectable and changeable shapes that can make complete use of the space layout, the employees region constructed with Verdure-X presents appropriate workplace spaces for unique functioning scenarios such as independent concentrate, group collaboration, and inventive brainstorming. 1 desktop screen can accommodate anything, connect numerous modes of function, collide rationality with vitality, and motivate workplace experts.

Sunon Technologies has constantly advocated for “bringing nature components into the style og the workspaces,” and through this exhibition, it also showcased the magical energy of this notion. What is it like to function in a all-natural atmosphere? The Feather Spirit exhibition region gave the answer. Right here, the golden sunset, red chairs, red wings…the Flower Feather wrapped just about every workplace experienced in warmth and enthusiasm, complete of agility and vitality.

Beneath the wave of space intelligence, Sunon Technologies seeks to discover the unknown and reign in the future. In the “Exploration” exhibition region, dark colors are combined with wooden soft furnishings to develop a uncomplicated however comfy atmosphere, highlighted by soothing decoration and yacht accents, generating the whole workplace space exude a sense of stability and elegance devoid of losing its vividity and agility. From the specifics of the soft furnishings, its luxurious look basically includes several sophisticated components, interpreting low-crucial, luxurious, and wealthy connotations to the fullest, which is extremely in line with the desires of the president’s workplace.

This exhibition is the initial significant-scale domestic trade fair right after the outbreak of COVID-19. Sunon Technologies presents its new space notion, actively fusing the trends currently and adapting to the shifting innovation of the industrial furnishings business. Whether or not it is item style or space refurbishment, the wholesome and environmentally friendly workplace brand notion showcased in the Sunon’s exhibition region has been recognized and favored by business practitioners. Hunting to the future, Sunon Technologies will closely comply with the worldwide innovation trend, and by way of the provision of experienced workplace space options and the enhancement of experienced service capabilities, it will develop a lot more ultimate workplace experiences in an revolutionary, versatile, and win-win manner. The future of Sunon Technologies is worth seeking forward to.

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