Military doctors instruct on first aid for individuals in cardiac arrest

Strengthening Lives through First Aid and CPR Training: Vietnam’s Military Hospital 175 Empowers Medical Staff and Individuals

Military Hospital 175 in Vietnam recently hosted a training program that provided first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training to around 1,500 medical staff and individuals. The program was conducted at the AHA International Training Center at the hospital and focused on CPR skills for adults, children, and infants at basic, advanced, and first aid levels. Participants learned how to recognize and provide early emergency intervention for patients experiencing circulatory arrest and other cardiovascular emergencies.

Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Bui Duc Thanh, Deputy Director of Military Hospital 175, emphasized that the hospital is one of only two facilities in Vietnam licensed to conduct first aid and CPR courses according to AHA International standards. The training program is set to be implemented in 2022 to address cases where patients were transferred to lower-level hospitals after receiving first aid but experienced complications due to incorrect CPR procedures.

To date, 16 doctors from Military Hospital 175 have been trained by AHA to become course instructors. Instructors must meet strict requirements, including updating their knowledge every two years and teaching a minimum of four classes annually. The training center must train at least 500 students each year. MSc. Ton Thanh Tung, Deputy Head of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Military Hospital 175, mentioned that the course has attracted medical staff, doctors, rescuers, security guards, tour guides, lifeguards, and others who see the value in obtaining first aid skills.

Participants in the program learn through hands-on practice simulations and are awarded with a globally recognized certificate that is valid for two years. The course is designed to be accessible to individuals with or without medical backgrounds, emphasizing the importance of proper CPR in saving lives during emergency situations. With an increasing prevalence of sudden cardiac arrest incidents worldwide

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