Connecting with Sports Fans: How FloSports’ John Turner Uses Storytelling and Accessibility to Reach Digital-Native Audiences

Streaming Sports: Adapting to Fans’ Needs in a Seamless Manner

Sports fans today are faced with a myriad of decisions when it comes to watching games. They must decide which games to watch, what device to use, and which platform to stream on. To capture their attention, it is essential for streaming services to offer a variety of options in a seamless manner.

At the 2024 SVG Digital Engagement Forum, FloSports’ VP of Content, John Turner, discussed the company’s growth over the past year and how they are adapting to meet fans’ needs and expectations. He also spoke about what the company can do in the future as the industry continues to evolve.

For those interested in hearing more interviews from the 2024 SVG Digital Engagement Forum and other industry-related discussions, viewers can visit SVG’s YouTube channel.

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