Who does not adore a terrific story? The phrase “as soon as upon a time” prompts anticipation of intriguing storytelling. And you can capture that spirit not only in a bedtime story, but also in a pitch to raise dollars from investors.


“Startups make the basic error of pondering that it really is all about the information and it really is all about the tech,” mentioned Donna Griffit, a promoting consultant and author of “Sticking to My Story: The Alchemy of Storytelling for Startups.” The “most vital aspect of their investor pitch is the story that they inform,” she mentioned.

Strip Out Jargon For Origin Storytelling

The most vital tip Griffit gives for investor pitch presentations is to do away with “jargon and tech babble.”

Communicate to investors like you are possessing a verbal conversation. “The most engaging way to do that is via a story,” she mentioned. “So come across your origin story — what produced you commence your startup?”

Locate a basic way to clarify your remedy to the difficulty your solution or service solves, Griffit mentioned. “Also show us your solution via the point of view of the user journey. If you can do these 3 fundamental issues then you currently will have elevated your pitch significantly.”

Know Your Storytelling Pitch Is Not About You

It is very important to “consider of your story via the lens of the queries that investors have to have answered,” Griffit mentioned. For instance, “How is this remedy various from other solutions? Why will this transform the market place? How will you make dollars? How will you scale?”

She mentioned to usually consider about issues from the listener’s point of view. “It is a single of the most significant secrets to results. No one cares about your solution, remedy or technologies — unless you can very first prove why they have to have it in their lives.”

Practice Brevity for Prosperous Storytelling

No a single will fund “technologies for technology’s sake,” mentioned Rachel Konrad. She’s the chief brand officer for the venture capital firm, The Production Board. “If you cannot clarify your mission and method in a couple of basic sentences, you will not get a penny from investors,” Konrad mentioned.

Graham Ober, vice president at Revolution Ventures, advises not to rush via the presentation but do be succinct. “Do not take also extended to get to your point and be confident to cover the fundamentals,” Ober mentioned.

Ober’s recommended deck structure is the overview and the hook, and then the difficulty and the remedy. Subsequent, address technologies, market place size and competitors. Lastly lay out your go-to-market place methods, showcase your team’s accomplishments and supply projections and milestones.

Drive Urgency

Do not wait to provide very good news, Griffit mentioned. Operate in a “brag slide” up front in the pitch presentation also.

On slides and in conversation, emphasize your credibility, likability — that you are coachable and versatile, and momentum — which means how far you have gotten so far, she mentioned.

Up Your Elevator Pitch

Be ready with your elevator speech, Ober mentioned, or much better however, a two-sentence pitch that the investor can use to clarify to their partners following the presentation.

Ober advises a framework identifying your target audience, the solution have to have and the crucial advantage. Describe how you are various from the competitors.

Highlight Your Intellectual Home Moat

Irrespective of whether it really is a 20-year patent, trade secrets or a platform with one hundred occasions additional customers than the competitors, Konrad says clarify why it will be challenging if not not possible for other startups or properly-funded incumbents to beat you.

By no means exaggerate you need to back your claims up throughout the due diligence procedure, she adds.

Inform A Visionary Tale

Investors want to invest in a story that is bigger than life, Griffit mentioned.

“They want to know that the founder is shooting for some thing that is larger than even they are capable of imagining,” she mentioned. “How large can this get? What will be future markets and future solutions that you are going to address? Lead them on a journey that tends to make them so excited that they cannot consider not becoming component of this deal.”

Getting a very good storyteller provides your investment pitch presentation the most effective opportunity to obtain  funding — and then for your enterprise to reside happily ever following.

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