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Standardization for a Prosperous Economy and a Sustainable Future: Gulf Standardization Organization Celebrates Arab Standardization Day

The Gulf Standardization Organization is actively involved in celebrating the Arab Standardization Day alongside other Arab standardization bodies on March 25 of each year. This year, the celebration is held under the slogan “Standardization for a prosperous economy and a vibrant and sustainable society.”

Saud bin Nasser Al-Khasibi, Chairman of the GCC Standardization Organization, highlighted the importance of standardization in developing lifestyles and supporting the quality of life in societies. He emphasized that standardization plays a crucial role in enhancing sustainability by establishing legislation, regulations, and standard specifications for environmentally responsible practices.

The organization works with national standardization bodies and international organizations to develop Gulf standard specifications and technical regulations. These efforts aim to support a prosperous economy and a vibrant society by ensuring public safety, environmental protection, facilitating trade exchange, and supporting the Gulf economy.

Al-Khasibi expressed gratitude to international, regional, and national organizations in the field of standardization, as well as the Arab Organization for Industrial Development, Standardization, and Mining. He emphasized that standardization activities help improve the quality of goods, products, and services by ensuring competition between producers, protecting consumers, and supporting national products.

The organization has begun coordinating with member states on implementing technical regulations to conserve water resources and ensure their sustainability. Al-Khasibi expressed his hope that these efforts will help achieve a sustainable future for both individuals and societies.

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